Industry Experts Always Ask What’s Your Company Policy for Vehicles?

Since even relatively minor vehicle accidents can result in significant financial losses, insurance and legal experts always recommend companies have driving policies in place to protect businesses and their employees. If a company owns and operates vehicles or requires employees to use their own vehicles for work-related duties, having a vehicle use policy in place is always essential.

Minimize Liabilities

A carefully crafted vehicle use policy protects companies from potential liabilities. By outlining who can drive vehicles and what those vehicles can be used for reduces potential risks for companies and their employees. For example, it’s generally required that company vehicles only be driven when required to complete job-related duties. In other words, dropping the kids off at school or running errands after work is often forbidden. The guidelines must be clear and provide penalties for violating those guidelines. The company vehicle use policies must always be clear, and the guidelines should be reviewed frequently if the company’s needs change.

Reduce Operating Costs

Regulating who can drive company vehicles and when those vehicles can be driven tends to reduce operating costs. In some cases, mandating the use of specific routes can cut the total mileage driven or restrict drivers to safer routes. When drivers are on the road for the entire day, it also pays to restrict side trips for lunch or running non-business errands. Minimizing the total mileage driven also reduces the need for routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotating. Discuss the rationale for the policy guidelines and explain why they’re important to the company.

Review Driving Records Often

Insurance carriers generally decline to cover drivers who have serious offenses on their records. Even if a driver’s record is clean when they’re hired, it’s important to obtain and review employee driving histories at regular intervals to ensure no offenses have occurred since the last records were obtained. Unsafe driving by all employees is an issue all business owners face, so being proactive in detecting poor driving by employees is always important.

If you unsure what’s your company policy for vehicles and how to improve any manual, it’s a good idea to ask insurance and legal experts for advice. If a company does not have a driving policy in effect, now is the time to correct that issue.

Reviewing Driving Policy For Company Cars And Reasons For Accidents

In Louisiana, company owners must follow state and federal laws when operating commercial vehicles of any kind. Before the owners allow an employee to drive their vehicles, a company policy is established. A local attorney can explain the importance of a driving policy for company cars and how it affects the company, the victim, and the driver.

Controlled Substances and Alcohol

All company policies related to using commercial vehicles specify that the driver must never consume alcohol or use controlled substances while driving. The violation of the company policies is also a criminal offense in the state. Under circumstances where the driver is guilty of a DUI, the company could avoid liabilities due to the driver’s choice to drive while impaired. The violation of the company policy could also deem the driver liable for property damage and personal injuries.

Clauses in Insurance Policies

The company that allowed the driver to operate their business vehicle is responsible for paying for insurance coverage for the vehicle. However, the vehicle and the driver are covered only when the vehicle is used for business purposes. If the driver is conducting personal business, the company’s insurance policy won’t cover the results of an auto accident.

Traffic Violations and Company Automobiles

According to all company policies, the driver must follow all traffic laws at any time that they are operating the vehicle. If a traffic violation was the cause of the accident, the driver could face penalties for the violation of the company policy. Speeding, reckless driving, and other traffic violations contribute to hundreds of auto accidents throughout the country.

Managing Cargo During Deliveries

The company policy may have terms associated with cargo that is inside the vehicle during deliveries. Typically, if an auto accident occurs, select insurance policies cover the damaged cargo. However, if the commercial driver’s actions caused the damage, it is possible that they are held accountable by their employer.

In Louisiana, company policies that apply to commercial vehicles are in place to reduce the risk of an auto accident. Unfortunately, the commercial drivers don’t follow the policies always, and victims suffer due to their unethical actions. Victims of an auto accident involving a commercial driver are encouraged to contact an attorney right now.

Learn Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy

A company needs to have a driver policy in place for many different reasons. When companies do not have a policy in place, issues can begin to arise. This information, written from a legal perspective, will help company owners to better protect their bottom line while ensuring their employee drivers practice safe driving at all times.

Why Implement an Employee Driver Policy?

Implementing a driver employee policy is essential. This type of policy is one of the most effective means of risk prevention. It offers many benefits that can help company owners to better protect themselves against injury and damage claims. The following are some of the benefits that can be offered.

  • This type of policy helps to create a cohesive set of rules that are to be followed by all drivers. Once the policy is in place, existing employees and new hires will need to be informed of the policy and given written rules to follow while driving on the clock.
  • Having an employee driver policy in place can greatly reduce accident claims. When drivers follow the rules and receive instruction, they are typically more aware of their driving habits and work to practice safe driving at all times.
  • Some insurance companies offer discounts for companies who implement this type of policy. Insurance companies are likely to view a company as being more proactive and responsible when they have a driver policy in place.

How to Get Started

Working with a legal professional can help to ensure the employee driver agreement is legal and binding. The policy should include rules like only driving for work-related errands. There should be an absolute no alcohol or drug policy and the employee will be held responsible for paying any tickets or fines they incur while driving the company vehicle.

This is Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy. Without the right policy in place, company owners can place themselves at risk of facing legal issues. If you would like to learn more about setting up a policy, call the office today to schedule an appointment. They will help you through the process, every step of the way.

Fraud Cases Taken by Aric Cramer

A charge of fraud is a serious offense that can alter events for the rest of life of those accused and their families. While fraud of any type is difficult to prove, even casting a doubt can result in people being treated differently. The first piece of information that has to be clear is what type of fraud has allegedly been committed. People accused of fraud often have no real sense of what the changes are exactly and what they mean.

Many Types

Some law offices limit fraud practice areas to specific types, such as medical fraud. This includes workers compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance fraud. That is a very small example of what fraud entails. An experienced lawyer in Utah, Aric Cramer, represents people accused of many more types of fraud than simply medical cases. Credit card, checks and forgery, mail and wire, and mortgage fraud are becoming more and more common, as are identity theft and government contract fraud.

Smart Criminals

In the technology driven and electronic age in which society operates, people can be committing acts of fraud under the name and personal information of someone totally unaware of what is happening. Criminals reap the benefits while innocent people are arrested and charged with fraud. This situation is a scary one because criminals are intelligent, tech-savvy, and have no problem allowing someone else to take the blame.

Contact a Lawyer Immediately

Learning the specifics of the charges, the evidence used to file charges, and how the fraud is supposed to have occurred will take time. A lawyer will need to investigate each incident, work with the accused to determine how the situation could have happened, and check bank records, internet usage, and mobile telephone records. Most people rely on the bank or credit card company to clear up any misunderstandings. Personnel will do their best but that will not help prove innocence if the case goes to trial.

Contact an experienced lawyer who has presented cases to a judge and jury on many occasions. Aggressive representation is imperative because it is likely the real fraudulent person will not be discovered. The burden of proof will be on the accused, so those charged must ensure they have a lawyer who understands how fraud works and how innocent people can be caught in the middle of the plans of a clever criminal.

Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy

People are more likely to be injured or killed while driving or riding in a motor vehicle than anywhere else. For those who drive at work, this is of concern. Driving results in more accidental deaths and serious injuries than any other work-related activity but most businesses must use the road at some point in their operations. For example, a company may operate a taxi service, emergency services make use of vehicles to transport patients, and sales representatives travel a great deal every day to meet customers. Each and every mile driven contributes to the number of injuries and deaths. This helps to explain Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy.

The Role of the Business

Many vehicles operated by employees are owned, leased or rented by the business but this isn’t always the case. Individual employees may also use a vehicle they own or lease or may hire one for use in their daily activities. Regardless of who owns the vehicle, the individual is simply doing his or her job and often the victim is a passenger in the vehicle or a pedestrian as opposed to the worker. The business must ensure all workers understand this and follow the driving at work policy to reduce the risk of accidents.

What Should Be Included in This Policy

All workers need to be aware of how the business makes use of the road in daily operations and how this increases the risk of an accident. The policy needs to outline the potential consequences of an accident and outline how they may affect the organization. Furthermore, the policy should outline the steps that are being taken to manage these risks and reduce the possibility of an accident.

A driving at work policy keeps employees and other individuals on the road safe. Money is saved when the number of accidents is reduced and the regular operations of the business will not be interrupted. Furthermore, a company avoids the negative publicity associated with an accident. All benefit the organization in a variety of ways while encouraging better driving. Be sure to implement this type of policy today or review the one that is in place. This is one thing that is simply too important to neglect.

Employee Drive Time: Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy

Many businesses today require employees to use vehicles to complete their assigned duties. However, far too many of those organizations have failed to implement policies designed to protect both the employer and employee during any type of work-related driving. Any time employees are on the road for work-related duties, the company is exposed to liabilities.

Insurance Coverage is Always Required

Every vehicle on the road must be properly insured. That means if a company owns and operates any type of vehicle, that vehicle must carry sufficient insurance to protect everyone involved. It’s always important to discuss insurance issues with a qualified business insurance agent to verify adequate coverage obtained. However, since the losses from a single vehicle accident can be catastrophic, it’s also a good idea to have the company attorney review the coverage to make sure all risks are adequately addressed. When company driving policy manuals are designed, employees should be aware of their responsibilities and how insurance coverage is put at risk when rules are ignored.

Every Driver’s Record Must Be Evaluated

Before allowing any employee to drive a company vehicle, it’s vitally important the driver’s record is carefully evaluated. Company driving policies need to address how an employee’s driving record will impact their ability to drive company vehicles. That means employees must be aware their past and future driving events can, and will, directly impact their ability to operate company vehicles. Drivers must be made aware any violations or accidents can quickly result in the company no longer allowing them to operate company-owned equipment.

In addition, employees driving their own vehicles for company-related duties may also put the company at risk. If employees will be driving their own vehicles for any types of job-related duties, get advice from a legal expert to determine what insurance coverages must be in place to protect the company and the employee.

Don’t Delay Implementing a Driving at Work Policy

Drive Time: Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy should be discussed with the company attorney. The attorneys will provide advice and suggest clauses that always need to be included. If a business has unique needs, the legal expert and insurance agent can also suggest ways to better protect the business and all employees.

Reasons to Consider Hiring a Probate Attorney After a Loved One Passes Away

When a family member passes away, life inevitably becomes difficult for surviving loved ones. Hiring a probate attorney can help make the work that follows a lot easier and ensures any potential problems will be recognized and avoided. As the process of probate can otherwise be challenging, it will always be wise to at least consider this option.

Attorneys Ready to Settle Affairs Smoothly and Fairly

Every state mandates that the estate of a deceased person be put through a legal process known as probate before all the related arrangements can be considered final. This requirement exists to ensure that those with claims to property and other assets will have a chance to make them known before an estate is finally broken up, liquidated, or distributed.

In the vast majority of cases, probate amounts to little more than a formality, with contentious issues that must be addressed being fairly rare. Even so, an attorney who is assigned to provide advice and facilitate the process can make things still easier for all involved.

Some of the ways by which a lawyer assigned to provide assistance with probate can help include:

  • Dealing with insurers. Dying with an active life insurance policy is no guarantee the proceeds will be made available without further prodding. Attorneys who are hired to help with probate often contact insurers and make sure they live up to their obligations.
  • Arranging appraisals. In many cases, the terms of a binding will might go no further than dictating that assets should be divided up proportionally among heirs. That will often require appraising particular pieces of property to assign an accurate value to each. Once again, an independent attorney will generally be well equipped to make such arrangements.
  • Dealing with the court. It is ultimately the responsible court that decides how any given probate process will proceed. An attorney who represents the heirs will know how to communicate with the court effectively.

A Simple Way to Speed Up Probate and Avoid Problems

Hiring an attorney to see to probate-related matters frequently proves to be a wise decision. Having access to the skills and knowledge of a lawyer will almost always make probate simpler for relatives of the deceased.

What is the Minimum Amount of Debt a Person Should Have Before Declaring Bankruptcy?

According to the US Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, the minimum amount of debt a person must have to go bankrupt is $1,000, that is, if they are unable to meet their financial obligation deadlines. However, an interesting fact to know is that the law dates back to 1949, so the amount of $1000 chosen at that time no longer has the same value in 2018. In other words, $1000 in debt today is nothing compared to what it was decades ago.

Consider other solutions

It is important to know that if a person has less than $5,000 in debt, several different solutions should be considered before considering bankruptcy. If you only consider the cost of a bankruptcy, you would be putting yourself at a more significant disadvantage when choosing this solution for a small amount of debt. However, people should know that the assets of bankruptcy are not only the ones they have at the time of filing for bankruptcy but also the ones they can get before their release, such as tax refunds for the fiscal year of the year.

In short, if you have a debt of between $1,000 and $5,000, experts recommend that individuals first take some time to establish a budget so that they can use any surplus money to repay the debt. However, if they are not able to solve this problem on their own, do not hesitate to meet up with a bankruptcy lawyer.

What happens to a person’s salary if they file bankruptcy?

What happens to a person’s salary during bankruptcy? Will they have to give some of it to the insolvent trustee? Can the filing party continue to manage their money by themselves? Is there a maximum amount of income that they can keep?

To start things off, a person’s salary is not affected by the bankruptcy. However, they will need to complete the Monthly Statement of Revenues and Expenses sheet regarding the financial situation of a bankrupted party. This sheet is used to list all income for the filing party and their household. For more details, visit or contact a local law firm today.

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Nursery and Flower Farmers.

Flower farming requires more attention than other crops that farmers may grow. The florist needs to ensure that they produce the highest quality of flowers to be able to attract many consumers. The flower market has a very high level of competition, and therefore any person getting to grow them should be suitable to compete. Such farmers make frequent lose making them quit the market unwillingly. The flower farmers are usually very keen in observing the market trend to ensure that their product meets the market demand.

The farmers should undertake a market survey to ensure that they produce the necessary flowers view here for more. Flower farmers can get rich from flower farming if they have the right strategies to survive in the lower market. Delayed sale for the flowers can put the florist into a huge financial loss. Its only the organized farmers that make it survive in the flower market. The profits from the flower farming can only be achievable when the farmer has high ability to organize the necessary activities.

Flowers get spoiled within a short period thus making the need for faster means of transport. The florist need to set aside enough finances to be used in securing the right transport for their flowers. First time flower farmers should collect the right information to enable them to know the right transportation for the flowers before they get into growing of the flowers. This will ensure that the florists get to sell all their products within the shortest time possible minimizing the losses and ensuring high profits.

Harvested flowers may be affected by the sun and its preferable to do the harvesting in the morning. After harvesting the flowers should be stored in the shade or inside a medium like water to help maintain their structure. The difficult part of flower farming is ensuring that the flowers reach the market in the structure in which they possess before being harvested. The florists need to do the sorting of the flowers before they are transported to the market.

The flower farmers should ensure that they harvest what they can sell to avoid the incidence of spoiled flowers. The flowers should be maintained in refrigerators to help maintain their shape. Flowers for export need to be of very high quality.

The florist producing for the export market should try branding their flowers. The florist will enable the visibility of their brand among other brands. The florist should, therefore, be very careful when doing the packaging of the flowers. The flower farmers should ensure that they stay very informed about the flower market trends to enable them to compete effectively. The people entering the flower market should have proper strategies to encounter the competition.

Smart Tips For Finding

All About Choosing a Nursery and Florist.

People will pick to have flowers during an event or just as part of their decor at home. You can also decide to decorate your office or house with real plants. You will be able to get everything you need when you work with a florist who also runs a plant or flower nursery. You can see flowers that look great and admire them but if someone asks you their names you may not go beyond lilies and roses. That is why your florist comes in. You also need the help when deciding on the plants to take home. Some people get sad when their indoor plants die but at times it is just due to the wrong choice. When you identify a great nursery and florist, you will get the much-needed help so that there will be no killing plants. If you are buying the flowers for an event, you are likely to place a big order and the last thing you need is to pay a lot of money for something that is not that spectacular. If you want flowers, it is the work of the florists to find them, buy and collect them. Many of these flowers are not just found all over. Flower markets usually open very early in the morning and being there on time in order to pick the best will require someone to wake up at insane hours which is not everyone’s cup of tea and then there is the bargaining for better prices. This is not something you would want to put yourself through.

Florist are well experienced on the kind of flowers to pick in order for you to get them when they are fully bloomed and looking fresh. An experienced florist will pick the best time to prepare the buttonholes, arrangements, and bouquet for them to be fresh on the due date. If the florist also offers nursery services, you will find it very easy to buy plants for your garden and flowers for your house or events. One of the reasons people love malls is that they are all kinds of things being sold in there which means someone can get it all in one place and when the nursery and flower shop are in one place, your trip there will not be something you always push to the end. If you care to look without a rush, you can find a great nursery and florist. In matters to do with getting a perfect arrangement, bouquet or having your last minute orders sorted out on time, you should pick a florist who is dedicated. The job might require the professional to pull an all-nighter so that your needs can be fulfilled and it is in such times when you get to know who is there just for the money and who has a passion for the job.